The CABWI High Risk Confined Space course is a specialised training program designed for individuals who are required to work in high-risk confined spaces, such as tanks and silos, vats or reaction vessels. This CABWI accredited course provides participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and control risks associated with confined spaces, as well as how to safely supervise and oversee work being completed in these environments.

The course covers a wide range of topics related to working in high-risk confined spaces, including the identification of high-risk confined spaces, hazard identification and risk assessment, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and safe entry and exit procedures. Participants will also learn about the importance of communication, teamwork, and emergency procedures in confined spaces, as well as how to supervise and oversee work safely.

Course Syllabus

• Relevant government legislation

• Current regulations

• Identification of hazards and potential risks in confined spaces

• Safe work entry systems

• Fall protection blocks and their use

• Gas and atmosphere monitoring techniques

• Breathing apparatus (self-contained and airline) preparation, construction and service

The high risk qualification is an advanced course, which means that the candidate will learn a wide range of skills and knowledge associated with working in a high risk confined area.

You will be able to assess the area and determine the classification of the space. You will also be able to identify all hazards and potential hazards in the area enabling you to conduct a full risk assessment prior to entering the space. You will learn how to safely access the confined space area, along with the safe systems of work that can be used in the type of space.

The course also teaches the safe and proper use of Permit Control Entry systems and how to monitor gas and atmospheric conditions before you enter the area.

The high risk confined space training courses do offer education on how to use a range of breathing apparatus and systems. This includes information on how to use breathing apparatus escape, self-contained breathing apparatus, air line apparatus, and how to conduct pre-use, after-use and general checks on all the breathing equipment.

CABWI High Risk Confined Space Course Requirements

In order to take the high risk confined space course, participants need to hold a reasonable level of fitness, and need to be able to work in confined and dark spaces unaided. This means that the course is not suitable for those that suffer claustrophobia. It will be necessary to complete a medical form stating that you are fit prior to the start of the course.

• No previous experience or qualifications required

• Participants will need a reasonable level of physical fitness

• Participants should not suffer from claustrophobia

• Course duration – 3 days

• Recertification period – 3 years


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