Emergency Response Training

Emergency response Training is a form of specialised training designed to prepare individuals to respond to a wide range of emergency situations effectively. This type of training is often required for individuals working in high-risk industries, such as healthcare, oil and gas, and emergency services, where the possibility of encountering emergencies is more significant.

The goal of emergency response training is to prepare individuals to respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations, potentially saving lives and minimizing damage to property. The training emphasizes the importance of clear communication, effective decision-making, and a coordinated response to emergencies.

Course Requirements

The Emergency Response Training course will have a minimum attendance of 6 and a maximum of 9 students.

Course Content:

Emergency Fire Response Arrangements

Liaison with the Local Authority Fire Service

Roles and Responsibilities

Teamwork and Leadership


Risk Assessment and Decision Making

PPE, Breathing Apparatus and Control Procedures

Fire Behaviour

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Fighting foams

Fixed Fire Fighting and Detection Systems

Basic Fire Fighting Techniques

Specialist Fire Fighting

Non-Fire Incidents and Snatch Rescue

Closed Containers and Vessel Fire Fighting

Hazardous Materials

Multi-level fires & casualty rescue

Site Specific Risk and Procedures

Practical Scenarios:

Portable extinguishers

Hose management, Branches and Cooling techniques

Practical Foam setup, use and application techniques

Vessel Cooling

Stretchers, gantries and casualty handling

Small Fires inside and outside

On-site vehicle fires

Snatch Rescue and Valving Down as a Team

Emergency Response Training Certification

This course falls under certification at our registered centre (ESTC) which is OFQUAL recognised as a National standard centre.

All training is quality assured by the centre’s Assessors and Verifiers and Certificates of competence will be supplied.

Course Price and other information

This 3-day ERT course will cost £650 plus VAT per student, this includes a hot lunchtime meal with hot and cold refreshments available throughout the course.

All equipment and facilities to undertake the ERT training, will be supplied by ESTC and used at our purpose built training facility. Customers should be reminded that staff are to train in their supplied work fire kit, which they must bring with them for the duration of the course.

This course can also be tailored to suit your requirements, please contact to discuss your options via the form below.


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