Workplace Fire Marshal

You will, no doubt, be well aware of the potentially devastating effects of fires in the workplace in terms of lives lost, injuries, damage to property and the environment, and to the business continuity. You may also be aware that it is believed that most fires are preventable.

Our fire marshal courses are designed with your company in mind, and are also built to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Health & Safety legislation and the Defence System Approach to Training (DSAT) model to ensure every warden gets the first-class training that they deserve.


The course is designed to be run over a 1 Day duration.

For companies looking to enhance their responsible person’s skillset and confidence with fire warden training, Emergency Service Training Centre (ESTC) can deliver a dedicated program designed to educate wardens on best practice and help employers fulfil their own legal responsibilities to the rest of their workforce.


• Identify students existing roles and experience

• Examine applicable legislation

• Risk Assessment Safety Concept, combustion process & fire behaviour

• Human Behaviour • Fire Behaviour

• Fire extinguishers – theory & practical

• Fire Alarms and Warning Devices

• Fire Marshal duties & responsibilities

• Fire Marshal risk awareness exercise


A marshal is responsible for fulfilling a number of duties within their workplace, most of which involve the identification of fire risk to ensure the commercial or industrial premises is sufficiently protected from fire and prepared should the worst happen. In addition to the identification fire risk through regular assessments, fire wardens must also be able to devise and implement an appropriate escape plan in the event of a fire or drill.

Fire marshal training is designed to help wardens in all companies fulfil these roles, whilst giving them the knowledge they require to remain calm and collected during a fire. This calmness will not only allow wardens to make tactical decisions in high pressure situations but also instil confidence and clarity in fellow employees to make the evacuation procedure even more effective.


This course costs £90 + VAT per person.

Dates for 2024

27th February 2024 (am)

26th March 2024 (am)

9th April 2024 (am)

**NOTE** This training is often combined with the Fire Extinguisher Training course which makes a full day course which will include hot lunch. This gives the best mix of theoretical and practical application when it comes to managing fire and initial actions locally. Fire Marshal will take place in the AM and Fire Extinguisher will take place in the PM. If combining the two courses together, we can offer a discounted rate.


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