This British Standards Working at Height course is aimed at individuals that work on rooftops, scaffolding, towers, or other elevated positions, as a result they will receive training on how to identify the correct safety equipment, how to utilise safe working systems, and how to minimise exposure to dangerous conditions. Risk management, safety equipment use, and risk mitigation are among the primary skills to be taught.

Course Syllabus

· Working at Height Regulations 2005

· Safe systems of work

· Methods of fall protection

· Anchor identification and selection

· Work restraint systems

· Work positioning systems

· Fall arrest methods

· Risk assessing, identifying hazards and planning the work task

· Inspection care and maintenance

Working at Heights training teaches how to conduct pre-use checks and ensure that the accessories are fitted properly. The participant will learn to identify defects in equipment, and they will be taught how to correctly record any of these issues that do arise along with learning to use equipment like harnesses, lanyards, energy absorbing lanyards, and work positioning equipment, as well any required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required.

Safety equipment can prevent falls and, if a fall does occur, the safety equipment can prevent major injuries. However, it is essential that the correct safety equipment is chosen and that it is used in the correct manner.


· No previous experience or qualification’s are required for this course

· Participants will need to show a reasonable level of fitness

· Participants should be happy to work at height

· Course duration – 1 day

· Recertification period – 3 years

It is necessary for all participants to sign a medical suitability form at the beginning of the course.

Participants do not need to have previous qualifications or experience however, it is beneficial if they have some experience of working at heights and using safety lanyards and harnesses.


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