This course is aimed at companies who employ people who work at height and may need to self-evacuate in an emergency where the main egress is compromised. i.e. Crane operator working in a cab. The company will have identified or purchased a specific self-rescue kit which complies with standards and meets their needs. e.g. Spanset® “Gotcha” Kits.


The course is designed to be run over a 1 Day duration.

A Maximum of 6 persons can be accommodated on a single course with a minimum of 3 People.

Course Syllabus

· Correct fitting of a fall arrest harness.

· Deployment and use of the rescue kit to affect a self-rescue from height.

· Remote deployment of the rescue kit from a position of safety and attachment to an unconscious casualty.

· Use of the rescue kit to raise and lower an unconscious suspended casualty.

· Remote deployment, use in conjunction with a stretcher and establishing a guideline for lowering the casualty.

· Dry Powder Extinguishers in a fire situation. This will enhance the chances of self-rescue from cranes/CSU’s etc.

Why is self-rescue training important?

In the event of an operator needing evacuate their work environment at height and their egress is compromised by circumstances such as fire or collapsed structure, they will need a way to travel safely to ground level.

If this scenario is possible and the company has identified the need for self-rescue, it has the legal obligation to provide specific training and to supply the correct equipment and PPE.

What to expect from your self-rescue training

We deliver the course at our purpose-built height training facility. Attendees will demonstrate safe and competent use of specifically designed self-rescue systems.

Self-rescue from height training has been developed by work at height instructors with extensive experience in the emergency rescue and working at height environments.

The course will cover the use of colleague rescue systems and stretcher rescue using the specific equipment. (Equipment dependant)

An operator attending the course will receive a certificate of attendance showing competence through assessment and practical use demonstrated during scenarios.

What this course does not include

Work at Height PPE other than the harness and helmet

Work at Height course content.

Generic rope rescue.

Course Price and Dates

£150 Plus VAT per person.

Dates and further information is available on request.

It is necessary for all participants to sign a medical suitability form at the beginning of the course.

Participants do not need to have previous qualifications or experience however, it is beneficial if they have some experience of working at heights and using safety lanyards and harnesses.


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